Aug 212019

Family Dentist in Tempewhat family dentistry really is all about

Those of you who are shy by nature or still quite scared of the dentist should count yourselves quite lucky. Why? You might wish to avoid the dentist for now (but you can’t go on like this forever, you know), but there is always the internet. And like so many businesses today, the family dentist has her own website up and running. So, all you need to know about the family dental practice and what is in stall for you and your young family is right there before your eyes.

Now that you are here, of all the places in the world, it should not be long before you are thoroughly convinced. The Family Dentist in Tempe really only wants to help you and your family, and see you walk out of their clinic all smiling and happy again. Smiling because you can. Happy because you are just so relieved.

You, as a maturing adult, have just had one of the most painful oral experiences ever. It came on so suddenly. It was a burst abscess and, yes, it was extremely painful, and yes, you had no alternative but to rush in to the family dentist for help, come what may over all the fears about sharp needles and pain. So ironic, because here you are and in pain. And you were nowhere near the dentist’s rooms. Now, come a bit closer, read a bit further, and try and appreciate what family dentistry really is all about.

You have nothing to fear. No one at the dentist’s office will bite you. But you might. Or your child, a child who has trouble biting and chewing her food. Preventive and restorative medicine is part and parcel of the family dental practice. And now with pain and very little discomfort, state of the art technologies, like implant restorations, scaling, tooth colored fillings, laser dentistry and root planing have been introduced.

Oh, and here is something you might like, especially if you’re still struggling to give up smoking, – teeth whitening. Your first visit to the family dentist is not, no, never, going to be a painful experience. But it will be thorough. First comes the thorough exam. And if you have been lucky with your oral and dental health so far, the family dentist may very well recommend teeth cleaning. This is being done to bring back the natural whiteness in your teeth.

But more importantly, it’s going to be scraping away all the accumulated plaque, something you’re never going to get right with your regular brushing and flossing. Don’t check in with the dentist and allow plaque to carry on building in and around your teeth and gums and you’ll be setting yourself up for more than oral gum disease and tooth decay. Go ahead, you can ask your family dentist about this.

A definitive link between tooth decay and gum disease has already been made with heart disease, diabetes and strokes. Maybe that gave you a bit of a shock. Time to go to the dentist then.